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  • eBook Published on Amazon

    What is SEO?  – How Can It Help Your Business?

    After speaking with so many business owners about what exactly Search Engine Optimization is, we decided to publish an eBook about the subject.

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  • Featured Contributor:

    6 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Is Failing

    We were honored when Contributor Dave Kerpin contacted us to be the featured contributor for an article about SEO and the challenges businesses face.


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  • Link Juice:

    Understanding and Using Backlinks for Better Search Rankings

    The author of this eBook set out to find the Top 50 SEO Marketers for comments to include in his book.  He contacted us and we were honored to contribute.

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  • Entrepreneurs Business Network – Podcast Interview

    Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Garrett Nann discuss Search Engine Optimization

    Eric contacted us to come onto his show and talk about Search Engine Optimization and Small Business.  Eric has asked us to appear regularly on his Podcast so check back often for new interviews!

    What is SEO Marketing and what is your background in it?

    Why do business owners need to be taking advantage of SEO Marketing?

    How can business owners know which company to trust and work with to do their SEO?

    Is SEO marketing measurable for a business owner? Is it important for business owners to have an idea of what type of return they can expect.

    How can you assure business owners that if they were to work with you, they would not run into this same problem again.

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  • SEO Cheat Guides Interview

    Interview with Stuart Triar of SEO Cheat Guides.

    SEO Cheat Guides is a very popular SEO community forum ran by Stuar Triar.  Stuart contacted me for an interview about our Agency and how we have achieved success.

    Anytime we can provide some value and help other people in the industry, we jump at the chance.

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  • Videos:

    What Is Website Optimization?

    This is a video we had made to help us quickly explain what goes into website optimization so you can show up in search engines.

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  • Why You Need An SEO Company

    Why You Need An SEO Company

    This is an explainer video we had made to help teach business owners why they would need an SEO Company.

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  • LinkedIn Testimonials:

    Linkedin Testimonials

    We have been blessed to recieve testimonials not only from some clients, but from industry professionals.

    Anytime you get recognized by top people in your industry, it’s quite humbling.

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  • Facebook Testimonials:

    Facebook Testimonials

    We have recieved some amazing 5 star reviews not only from clients, but from some of our seminar attendees.

    When giving a seminar, you can hope to provide value while keeping your audience interested.  Seems like we hit the nail on the head.

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  • Google Partner Certifications:

    Google Partner Certifications

    When working with an SEO Company, at the minimum they should be certified by Google so you know they understand Google’s Properties and how they work.

    We are certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

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  • Bing Certification:

    Bing Certification

    Bing is an often overlooked search engine and we’re not too sure why.

    The name of the game for our clients is to get traffic to their website and Bing can provide some incremental traffic to supplement the overall SEO camapaign.

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  • Thumbtack Reviews

    Thumbtack Reviews

    Our Thumbtack Profile is currently setup for our Social Media Company, but we’ve serviced many clients Search Engine Optimization needs previously.  We asked them all to leave a review and we got some responses.  🙂

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